WIRED Innovation Fellow 2016

In 2016 Di was picked to be one of twelve WIRED Innovation Fellows from around the globe.  The fellows came from a range of backgrounds such as bionic arm builder Samantha Payne, Singer and multi-instrumentalist Gingger Shankar, Sun storm scientist Miho Janvier, AR and VR pioneer Ed Barton, Afghan educator Roya Mahboob, and pashmina goat farmer … Continue reading WIRED Innovation Fellow 2016

Cubist Portrait Machine

A Happening at the National Portrait Gallery, 20th January 2017  Commissioned by  the National Portrait Gallery and curated by electronic musician Martyn Ware, Everything You Can Imagine is Real was a happening that drew inspiration from the Picasso portrait exhibition.  Like Picasso’s circle in Montmartre in the first decade of the 20th century, for one night only … Continue reading Cubist Portrait Machine

Sensory Soundpit

Di was awarded the artist in residence position for Manchester’s European City of Science 2016 The Sensory Soundpit is an immersive experience, where the audience get the chance to create sounds and visuals by playing with sand.  Di comments, “In a world where so much of our technology is encased in aluminium boxes or simply invisible, … Continue reading Sensory Soundpit

Atmospheric Railway

An Interactive instrument – digital and mechanical Sound Travel Engineered by Di Mainstone and Adam Stark Performance by Hollie Miller Commissioned by Re-Animate for the National Portrait Gallery and funded by Queen Mary University of London. The NPG’s wig-heavy halls also provided a great space for happy discoveries like The Atmospheric Railway, a dance act involving … Continue reading Atmospheric Railway


A reflective sound experiment involving Hollie’s head and a mirror By Di Mainstone, and Hollie Miller, Toby Summerskill, Sam Edwards & Adam Stark Holipopheads is a collaboration between Di Mainstone and Hollie Miller. The concept is of a wearable portrait. A girl appears in a space with a suitcase. She opens it to reveal a collection … Continue reading Hollipophead

Human Harp on Brooklyn Bridge

Human Harp is a clip-on instrument that transforms suspension bridges into giant harps By Di Mainstone & collaborators from around the globe and funded by Queen Mary University of London Imagined on the Brooklyn Bridge by Di Mainstone and launched in partnership with Queen Mary University of London, Human Harp is a clip-on instrument that transforms suspension … Continue reading Human Harp on Brooklyn Bridge

Sennheiser Momentum

Di Mainstone is a Global Ambassador for Sennheiser’s Momentum Campaign – inspiring a new generation of sound stalkers to experiment… What’s your MOMENTUM? Sennheiser together with Spotify, is telling the stories of a hugely diverse yet 100% inspirational group of 100 people, following their journeys and learning more about their passion, their lives and their … Continue reading Sennheiser Momentum

Words & Numbers

A sleeping woman’s internal thoughts extrude through the surface of her skin in the form of words and numbers By Di Mainstone, Hollie Miller, Heiko Prigge, Judy Jacob, Adam Stark, Liisa Pesonen As seen at the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner 2014 Words & Numbers visualises a woman’s internal thoughts as they burst through … Continue reading Words & Numbers


Whimsichord comprises of wearable-sculptures that connect to the body, playfully transforming physical movement into sound By Di Mainstone and Dave Meckin, funded by Queen Mary University of London and the Barbican The Whimsichord is a wearable interactive musical installation that will react to the movement and touch of users (or Movicians) responding with sound. We have … Continue reading Whimsichord


Hydrocordion is a playful musical device that invites us to become ‘squeezicians’ and compose soundscapes through the manipulation of air and water By Di Mainstone, Louis Mcallum, Nanda Karpong & Richard Shed and Funded by Queen Mary University of London and Dublin Science Gallery Hydrocordion was installed in Dublin Science Gallery in September 2011 for 3 … Continue reading Hydrocordion


A sound experiment involving Hollie’s head and lots of shuttlecocks By Di Mainstone, Hollie Miller, Tim Murray Browne, Sam Edwards and Toby Summerskill Shuttleflock is a collaboration between Di Mainstone and Hollie Miller. The ideas was to create a sound sculpture out of a shuttlecock! Di found a job-lot of 1970s shuttlecocks in a local … Continue reading Shuttleflock


A sonic prosthetic enabling the exploration of sound through movement By Di Mainstone, Tim Murray Browne and Dave Meckin Di Mainstone and Tim Murray Browne were commissioned to create Serendiptichord for 2009 Creativity & Cognition, Berkeley Art Museum, California. .The piece was funded by Queen Mary University of London. The result of a cross-disciplinary investigation … Continue reading Serendipitichord

Vi-Regalia in New York City

Combining graffiti, fashion, technology and performance, Vi-Regalia was created as part of Di’s residency at Eyebeam Centre for art and technology in New York City   An exploration of the body through architectural space; Vi-Regalia discovers the hidden narratives that lurk within the everyday. This series of fragmented 2-dimensional structures are left in public spaces, … Continue reading Vi-Regalia in New York City


Peggy-Sue is a tessellated 2 dimensional structure that can be applied to the neck, waist and head. The piece can be stored on the wall and applied to the body to create inspiring 3D shapes that transform, morph and redefine the human form. A playful structure Peggy-Sue encourages interaction and play. Process Peggy-Sue was created … Continue reading Peggy-Sue


An exploration of the body within architectural space An exploration of the body within architectural space; Vi-Rigami is a soft tessellated 2 dimensional structure. Found on the wall and applied to the body, Vi-Rigami can be folded and transformed to morph and redefine the human form. Inspired by the art of origami, this playful structure … Continue reading Vi-Rigami


Like a tortoise we carry our worldly possessions on our back, never lost because we are always at home… She built a home around her sister. It was fashioned from shared memories found in a box. Reassuring ribbons of light from beneath the kitchen door. Fabric-covered buttons on the armrest of their grandparents’ favourite sofa. … Continue reading Sharewear


Skorpions are a set of kinetic electronic garments that move and change on the body in slow, organic motions. They breathe and pulse, controlled by their own internal programming. They are not “interactive” artifacts insofar as their programming does not respond to simplistic sensor data. They have intentionality; they are programmed to live, to exist, … Continue reading Skorpions