Vi-Rigami, Eyebeam, New York

An exploration of the body within architectural space

An exploration of the body within architectural space; Vi-Rigami is a soft tessellated 2 dimensional structure. Found on the wall and applied to the body, Vi-Rigami can be folded and transformed to morph and redefine the human form. Inspired by the art of origami, this playful structure entices the inquisitive to interact; it can be explored alone or with friends.


Vi-Rigami was invented and designed as part of Di Mainstone’s residency at Eyebeam Centre for art and technology in New York City. Created using digital fabrication methods, this abstract body map intersects the human form with clusters of converging tessellations. Di experimented with a series of soft materials including rubber, suede and felt. The abstract form housed panels of Velcro, which allowed it to reform around the human body and connect with fluffy surfaces.

I saw her in the stationary cupboard. She was fashioned entirely out of folded paper. When I entered the room, I only saw her hands. They grew noisily out of a ream of pa per by the photocopier. Her nimble digits scored, folded, twisted and pleated…forming arms and then a torso. Soon came her leg and before long – some elegant feet. I scratched my nose. Out of the top of her shoulders popped a long neck, complemented with a perfect ivory head. Scrunch. She blinked loudly. I twitched my nose quietly. She curtsied and jumped onto the photocopier with the aerodynamic quality of a paper aeroplane. I made myself busy. Scrabbling in the stationary box without looking, I extracted a fluffy ball of rubber bands.


  • Artist: Di Mainstone
  • Creative Assistants: Jason Lim, Rachel Lamb and Jen Park
  • Interns: Bryan Nussbaum and Kindall Almond
  • Photography: Leanna Palmer, Di Mainstone and Sarah Hart
  • Model: Jennifer Essex


2009, Eyebeam Centre for Art and Technology, New York, USA