Time Bascule a commission for Tower Bridge

 Tower Bridge commissioned Di to ‘make the bridge sing‘ in celebration of their 125th anniversary.  The film re-imagines the Bridge as a giant musical instrument and draws inspiration from one of the first women to work on the Bridge – Hannah Griggs who was cook for the Bridge Master and his family between 1911-15.  The film mixs real elements of Hannah’s life with fantastical imaginings and musical narratives all revolving around the Bridge.  The film explores the delicate balance of our ecosystem.  The commission began with Tower bridge introducing Di to descendants of Hannah Griggs:

Di Mainstone said “When I met Hannah’s granddaughter Susan Belcher and great-granddaughter Hannah Belcher, I asked them if they could tell me something unique about her personality and passions. They told me that Hannah was an obsessive gardener and that when she left Tower Bridge, she and her husband bought land on which they grew fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers of all kinds. I started to research the connection between music and plant growth and imagined Hannah ‘playing the bridge’ as a way to transform the crossing into an abundant garden. ” DI MAINSTONE  

“When I started my commission for the 125th anniversary I became obsessed with the bridge’s ‘bascule’ device which opens and closes using counterweights to allow for tall ships to pass.  I was further enamoured when I discovered the word ‘bascule’ is French for ‘see-saw’.  Halfway through writing the script I realised that bascule had become the metaphor for my story which explored the delicate balance of our own ecosystem through music.” DI MAINSTONE