A sound experiment involving Hollie’s head and lots of shuttlecocks

By Di Mainstone, Hollie Miller, Tim Murray Browne, Sam Edwards and Toby Summerskill

Shuttleflock is a collaboration between Di Mainstone and Hollie Miller. The ideas was to create a sound sculpture out of a shuttlecock! Di found a job-lot of 1970s shuttlecocks in a local shop close to her studio. She decided that they would make an interesting interactive sound instrument. She and Hollie embedded spherical magnets into each shuttlecock and made a metal helmet for them to stick to which they embedded inside of a 1950s swimming hat. The idea was that the contact of each shuttlecock to Hollie’s head would trigger an unexpected sound. Tim Murray Brown provided the sounds and they made a short film in collaboration with Toby Summerskill and Sam Edwards.