Sharewear, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media

Like a tortoise, we carry our worldly possessions on our back, never lost because we are always at home…

She built a home around her sister. It was fashioned from shared memories found in a box. Reassuring ribbons of light from beneath the kitchen door, fabric-covered buttons on the armrest of their grandparents’ favourite sofa, echoed conversations from teatimes long since forgotten. Their thoughts connected during sleep. They moved together in sequence.

Sharewear, a set of modular dresses, explore the need for homely connectivity in an increasingly hard-edged world. Citing familiar homely furniture, Sharewear creates a playful in-between place amid private and shared space. Worn by identical twins as part of a performance, the dresses are housed in crates, unpacked, and assembled on and around the body. They link, divulge, and peel apart to offer glimpses of hidden interiors. Sharewear invites both wearers and audience to, get close, interact, morph space, manipulate light, and cast long shadows.


Made as part of Di Mainstone’s residency at V2 Institute for the Unstable media, Sharewear comprises of a pair of reconfigurable, electronic dresses that physically slot together to activate atmospheric pools of light. Di worked intensively with V2 team members Stock, Simon de Bakker and Michel van Dartel to develop, construct and exhibit the work over a 5-month period. Sharewear’s technology is driven by a multitude of electric wires, mechancics and circuit boards bought hidden within the dresses.


  • The Kinetica Art Fair London
  • Eyebeam New York City
  • CUC Liverpool
  • V2_. Institute for the Unstable Media Rotterdam
  • Werald Witte de White Festival Rotterdam
  • Todays Art The Hague.




  • Artist: Di Mainstone
  • V2: Stock, Siomon de Bakker, Michel van Dartel, Rui Guerra, Wilco Tuinman
  • Sound: Scanner
  • Design Assistants: Janet Lin, Adam Garratt and Saskia Van Vlijmen.
  • Models: Natascha & Esther de la Rambelje, Manon & Sharon Timmermans, Leanne & Sam Taylor and Annamarie & Ginamarie Russo
  • Photography: Fee Arnold
  • Film: Fay van der Wall
  • Editing: Sebastian Whyte

With special thanks to: Daviid Gauthier, Piem Wirtz, Jan Misker, Richard Bierhuize, Joris van Ballegooijen, Vincent Leclerc, Lucy McRae, Marine Hillaire, Marielle Wichards, Frank Stocks, Ollie Niemi, Ronald Mulder, Roland Raaijmakers, Steven Tam

2008, V2 Institute for the Unstable media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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