Soundpit Commissioned by National Science and Media Museum

Artist Di Mainstone, received funding from Arts Council England to develop new work for the Supersenses exhibition, and worked with a team including musicians Mandy Wigby and Howie Jacobs, Bradford based games designers Kriss and Shi Blank, interaction designer Paul Miller and producer Annie Keane.

The Sensory Soundpit is a pioneering instrument for the 21st Century enabling everyone to experiment with sound through touch, visuals and movement. The installation merges the digital and physical realms using sand – as visitors touch and move the sand in three different Soundpits they create their own visual and sound mixes. It is inspired in part by Synaesthesia, a phenomenon where a sense in one part of the body stimulates another sense at the same time, such as “hearing colour”.


Three new Soundpits were developed especially for the Supersenses. Exhibition at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. The team developed ideas in collaborative workshops at the Museum with people from Delius Special School, Specialist Autism Services, Mind the Gap and St Philips CE Academy.

Supersenses is an new exhibition at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford that will re-connect you with the power, scope and individuality of your senses through a series of immersive experiences. The exhibition features digital installations from artists Di Mainstone and Marshallow Laser Feast, alongside works by Zane Berzina and Noise Orchestra.