A reflective sound experiment involving Hollie’s head and a mirror

By Di Mainstone, and Hollie Miller, Toby Summerskill, Sam Edwards & Adam Stark

Holipopheads is a collaboration between Di Mainstone and Hollie Miller. The concept is of a wearable portrait. A girl appears in a space with a suitcase. She opens it to reveal a collection of intriguing paraphernalia. She pulls each piece out and they release a sound. She pulls out a mirror which has a negative cutout of a profile.

The girl slides it on her head and we realise that this is a portrait of her profile. She moves through the space triggering sounds and creating unusual reflections of her own profile – sometimes her face looks thin and sometimes wide. Some times she looks cross eyed. Once the mirror is on her head, we hear inside her brain. Her thoughts are jumbled and complex. Ideas laid on top of thoughts.