Cubist Portrait Machine at National Portrait Gallery

A Happening at the National Portrait Gallery, 20th January 2017 

Commissioned by  the National Portrait Gallery and curated by electronic musician Martyn Ware, Everything You Can Imagine is Real was a happening that drew inspiration from the Picasso portrait exhibition.  Like Picasso’s circle in Montmartre in the first decade of the 20th century, for one night only the Gallery became an artists’ colony featuring a wild cross-pollination of ideas, music, poetry, performance, art, film and dance

For the event Di Mainstone revealed new work in the form of the Cubist Portrait Machine – a collection of reflective body-centric objects inspired by the Picasso exhibition. Dressed like painting handlers with black aprons and white gloves, performers Martha Canning and Daisy Cauty used these modular devices to transform visitors into living portraits.  Each portrait was unique and captured on the visitors cameras and printed on the spot for them to takeaway…