Recording the Clifton Scale

Roland Trim from Arup and I recorded the “donging” of 30 suspension rods on Clifton Suspension Bridge. I”donged” each suspension rod or hanger with a rubber ball starting with the longest (20 Meters)by the tower and moving to the shortest in the middle (about 50cm). Roland recorded each”dong” with an accelerometer – a sensor that … Continue reading Recording the Clifton Scale

Meeting Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser

As one of Sennheiser’s global ambassadors – I recently had the exciting opportunity to speak about the Human Harp alongside Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser at the IFA conference in Berlin. Fingers crossed Human Harp can do more fun stuff with Sennheiser in 2015!

Roundhouse Performances

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to do 2 performances in the Roundhouse’s mainspace during the Human Harp’s pop up LIVE0-LAB throughout August.  The first was for Bloomberg who are the principal sponsors for the Roundhouse’s summer events.  This performance took place at the beginning of our residency so the team had only 3 … Continue reading Roundhouse Performances

Design Exchange Editorial Board

Design Exchange Editorial Board

Last month, I was really happy to be asked to become a member of Design Exchange Magazine’s Editorial Board.  The group included Architect John McRae of Orms Architects,  Architect and writer Charles Rattaray, senior research fellow at RCA Joanne Bichard  and artists Ray Bradley and Denise Basso to name a few.  The idea of the gathering … Continue reading Design Exchange Editorial Board

Di Mainstone PI Apparel

Product Innovation Apparel Conference

I was invited to be one of the Keynote speakers at the PI Apparel Conference in Westminster London.  Other speakers included Suzanne Lee founder of BioCouture, Francis Bitonti Studio and Lauren Bowker of The Unseen.  PI Apparel brings together the fashion/apparel industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by modern technology in the continuous improvement and streamlining … Continue reading Product Innovation Apparel Conference